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 Bite Marks (2011 - USA)

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Bite Marks (2011 - USA)   Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:00 am

Flesh-eating zombies set their sights on a sexually repressed truck driver and a young gay couple in this alternately funny, sexy and gory horror flick.

In recent years, there have been a bevy of gay (and gayish) horror films - but you will probably not find one as funny, spoofy, sexy and "rotting-flesh zombiefied" as Bite Marks.

Hunky truck driver Brewster (Benjamin Lutz) takes over his missing brother's delivery of coffins. On the way to his funeral home destination, he picks up some hitchhikers: the cute and wise-cracking Cary (Windham Beacham - familiar to gay audiences in films like Long-Term Relationship and Back Soon) and his smitten but tense boyfriend Vogel (David Alanson). The couple’s relationship is on the rocks (though that doesn’t stop them from some hot-and-noisy gas station toilet fucking, which ignites the repressed homo in the voyeuristic Brewster).

With dicks back in pants, trouble descends on the threesome when a faulty GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard - where the truck promptly breaks down. Normally, this would not be a terrible situation. But this night is far from normal - as an assortment of blood-thirty zombies begin to attack! Now, the mismatched trio must fend off the marauding monsters and try to survive until dawn.

With plenty of witty asides, sexy encounters and flesh-tearing scenes, this low budget gem delivers the goods!

DOWNLOAD ( 6 parts ) :

mediafire.com ?krlg810xxpuoa
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Bite Marks (2011 - USA)

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