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 Little Love ( 2010 - USA )

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Little Love ( 2010 - USA )   Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:08 am

Name: Little Love
Genre: Short
Year: 2010
Region: USA
Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese (hard)

Directed by Quentin Lee, Little Love is a ten minute short that explores the complications of friendship and relationships. Set in contemporary Los Angeles, the short follows three main characters.

Markus, new to the city, is looking for a place to belong. He is delighted when he befriends work colleague Andy.

Andy is on top of the world, and mostly wants to keep things exactly as they are. Andy extends friendship to Markus, including him in his close circle of friends, cultivated over many years.

This close circle of friends includes Andy’s younger boyfriend, Rafael. The three hit it off immediately, and become a tight-knit “inner circle” within the group of friends. Rafael has been enjoying the life that comes from living with his successful older boyfriend, but feels as if he’s fallen into Andy’s life and forgotten about his own goals. He’s beginning to feel trapped in his life and far away from his potential and destiny.

When Markus and Rafael are hanging out while Andy is out of town, the sparks between the two new friends ignite into passion. The resulting fire burns in a different direction for each character, leaving each with a new confidence in his own path but also a certain melancholy knowing what he has given up to pursue his own truth.

Link download:
mediafire.com download.php?5dqw2bdhdt8ttes
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Little Love ( 2010 - USA )

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